Attention All New York State Wine & Liquor Wholesalers

"At-Rest" In The News

Thank you to all who attended and helped make this event such a great success.

-We raised $15,122.40 for Hurricane Sandy Relief. 
-The event has spawned renewed interest in the media regarding “at rest,” with a number of articles and blogs coming out about it (one even nationally – stay tuned).
-The New York Wine & Grape Foundation has publically and in print come out against at rest.

A critical issue to the very existence of the fine wine industry in New York has reared its ugly head again and we wanted to make you aware of it. The two largest liquor wholesalers have now recruited the Teamsters to help them lobby the State Senate and Assembly to pass "At Rest” legislation. The practical effect of “At Rest” means that only those distributors delivering product out of New York warehouses could legally sell you wine. Legislation such as this would impact virtually every wholesaler currently in operation (other than the two biggest ones), since they all warehouse in New Jersey, including our company.

Please join us and the 40+ other wholesalers, who represent the industry’s 99%, in fighting state-domination by two single corporations.